Power Cup Brushes

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100mm Crimped Wire Bevel Brush 0,30mm INOX Wire, M14 Thread EN 1083-2

Item # 386087
Face Width Metric 12 mm
Trim Length Metric 19 mm

100mm Crimped Wire Bevel Brush 0,30mm Steel Wire, M14 Thread EN 1083-2

Item # 386088
Face Width Metric 12 mm
Trim Length Metric 19 mm

100mm Knotted Wire Bevel Brush 0,50mm Steel Wire, M14 Thread EN 1083-2

Item # 386089
Face Width Metric 13 mm
Trim Length Metric 20,6 mm

115mm Knotted Wire Bevel Brush 0,35mm Steel Wire, M14 Thread EN 1083-2

Item # 388046
EAN Code 3838529224266
Face Width Metric 15 mm

115mm Knotted Wire Bevel Brush 0,50mm Steel Wire, M14 Thread EN 1083-2

Item # 386090
Face Width Metric 15 mm
Trim Length Metric 23 mm
14 items


Power cup brushes are surface preparation products used in demanding applications. The power cup brushes at Weiler Abrasives are manufactured with stringent quality standards and well-made materials for a product that is both efficient and long-lasting, and we have options compatible with many workpiece materials and surface conditions. 


There are various options to consider when selecting a cup brush for a drill or angle grinder, including rows, fill material and knot types.


The number of rows in the cup brush can vary, with the quantities being suited for specific results. Our cup brush row options include:

  • Single row: One layer of fill material for durable brushing action when cleaning flat surfaces.
  • 1 1/2 rows: One full layer and one partial layer of fill material for cleaning and preparation machines.
  • Double rows: Two full layers of material that aggressively brush while maintaining flexibility for heavy-duty cleaning applications.


The type of fill material is dependent upon the workpiece's composition and application. Options include:

  • Steel: Our carbon steel wire is durable and performs well in heavy-duty cleaning and metalworking applications.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel wire is ideal for tasks performed in a wet environment or for corrosion-resistant and non-ferrous metals.

Both stainless steel or carbon steel material can be crimped or knotted. Our crimped wire cup brush design is flexible to conform to irregular surfaces and consistent for light- to medium-duty cleaning applications. Our knot wire brushes are less flexible and more aggressive for tasks requiring greater pressure.


Knot types denote how the fill material is twisted, and they provide different outcomes on the workpiece. Our brass cup brushes come with the following knot types:

  • Cable twist: Sharp wire tips for aggressive brushing at the start and throughout the brush's life.
  • Hurricane twist: Smooth operation and longer life with less aggressive brushing power.


The cup brush size required depends upon the angle grinder size. The standard recommendations are:

  • A 4-inch angle grinder with a 2 3/4- or 3-inch brush.
  • A 4 1/2- or 5-inch angle grinder fitted with a 2 3/4-, 3- or 3 1/2-inch brush.
  • A 6-inch angle grinder with a 3 1/2- or 4-inch brush.
  • A 7- or 9-inch angle grinder fitted with a 4-, 5- or 6-inch brush.


Cup brushes are effective in metalworking applications from the middle range to the most aggressive, including:

  • Rust, corrosion, scale and oxide removal.
  • Paint and coating removal.
  • Weld preparation and cleaning.
  • Slag removal from a plasma- or flame-cut plate's edge.
  • Deburring.


Weiler Abrasives is an industry leader in manufacturing cup brushes and other surface conditioning products. We foster collaborative partnerships to help you overcome your metalworking challenges. This collaboration allows us to improve our products, ensuring they meet the needs of our customers at every level. When you buy our brass cup brushes or other solutions for your workpiece, our quality-made products will provide consistent performance and low cost of use.

Use our online tool to find a Weiler Abrasives distributor near you to purchase your cup brushes today. You can also contact our customer service team online for assistance with brush selection.