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Cutting Wheels for Demanding Applications

Weiler’s line of bonded abrasives deliver consistency and performance to Metal Fabrication professionals. This high quality line includes cutting, grinding and combination wheels that are available in performance tiers, offering a choice between long life, fast cut, or both.

Industries That Use Our Portable Cutting Wheels

Cutting wheels play a vital role in productivity and profitability, especially in large-scale metal fabrication operations. At Weiler Abrasives, we make cut-off wheels you can count on when your customers are counting on you.

Our cut-off wheels offer incredible versatility. In our extensive selection, you will find cutting wheels tailored to these challenging industries and applications:


When constructing or repairing a pipeline, professionals need cutting wheels capable of performing well in harsh conditions and lasting over long periods of time. Weiler Tiger Aluminum Oxide depressed center cutting wheels deliver the right combination of performance and value when cutting steel and other metals. The depressed center provides added clearance when working at a constrained angle and .045 wheel thickness is ideal for cutting applications in fab yard or field repairs.

Metal Fabrication

Our cutting wheels support fabrication shops by providing aggressive cut-rate and long wheel life. Whether you are working with aluminum, armored steel, high-nickel alloys, Inconel®, steel, stainless steel, titanium or tool steel, we have a cutting wheel designed specifically for the job at hand.


In shipbuilding, nearly every component needs fabrication — from the ship's large external structures to smaller pieces like pipes, stairs and handrails. While automation can assist with the manufacture of larger structures, smaller structures require cutting and grinding by hand before and after welding. Our cutting wheels help shipbuilders get the job done quickly and safely so you can meet tight deadlines.


No matter what type of product you manufacture, you must consider precision and cost at every step of the process if you want to satisfy clients and stay ahead of the competition. Our high performing cut-off wheels improve operational efficiency and drive down costs. 

Facility Maintenance

Keeping facilities up and running is more than a full-time job. You need a cutting wheel that can perform on a variety of demanding applications because the project is different each day. At Weiler Abrasives, we also understand that holding up a repair because you don't have the right cutting wheel is unacceptable.  We'll work hard to get you the products you need whenever and wherever you need them so you can keep your facility running smoothly. 

Food and Pharmaceuticals

For stainless steel cutting applications in the food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, we offer contaminant-free cutting wheels. These abrasive products contain less than 0.1% sulfur, chlorine and iron.

Cutting Wheel Options to Meet Your Needs

Abrasive cut-off wheels can complete a wide variety of challenging tasks. However, for a cutting wheel to perform its best, you need to put it to work in an appropriate application. Choosing the right type of cutting wheel helps ensure operator safety and maximize productivity. At Weiler Abrasives, we manufacture a range of innovative cutting wheels, so you can find an option that meets your expectations for:

  • Size: We offer cutting wheels that range from 0.035 inches to 1/8 inch in thickness and between 2 inches and 14 inches in diameter. Thinner wheels remove less material during a cut, while thicker wheels will generally last longer and perform better on thicker materials.  When selecting a cutting wheel, always choose the thinnest wheel that will perform the cut while maintaining the desired product life.
  • Style: Choose either Type 1 or Type 27 cutting wheels. Type 1 wheels feature a flat profile to allow for deep cuts, while Type 27 wheels come with a depressed center to provide greater clearance when working at cramped angles.
  • Abrasive Grain: The abrasive grain in combination with the bonding agent that makes up your cutting wheel determines both the life and cut-rate of the wheel. We manufacture wheels using high-quality materials:
  • Ceramic alumina is a self-sharpening and cool cutting grain that cuts as lower temperatures and with less friction, reducing heat discoloration of the workpiece. Ceramic grains utilize a crystalline structure that is designed with millions of fracture points that self-sharpen at a higher rate than other grains. The result is a higher material removal rate, faster cutting speeds, cooler grinding, and reduced friction at less pressure which reduces operator fatigue.
  • Zirconia alumina has self-sharpening crystals the hold up under extreme pressure. Zirconia alumina retains a high cut-rate throughout the lide of the wheel, delivering exceptional performance. 
  • Aluminum oxide is a single crystal that provides a harp initial cut.
  • Silicon carbide is an extremely hard grain that is very sharp and fast cutting. It is also friable when compared to other grains. 

By offering plenty of options, we make it possible to find the best cutting wheels for your business. Our knowledgeable team members will work closely with you to identify a wheel capable of solving your operational challenges, giving you a competitive edge.

A Cut-Off Wheel for Every Grinder

Different cut-off wheels work with different tools. For the best results and safe operation, it's important to choose a cutting wheel for the tool you plan to use that fits the tool you are using. Always compare the maximum RPM's on your cutting wheel to the RPM rating on your grinder. Never use a cutting wheel when the grinder RPM rating is higher than what the wheel is rated for.

Die Grinder Cutting Wheels

Die grinders are versatile, handheld rotary tools capable of performing a variety of tasks with the right attachments. Ideal for precision work, these small tools run on compressed air, power cords, or battery power. When used with portable cut-off wheels, die grinders can cut through metal efficiently.

Angle Grinder Cutting Wheels

An angle grinder is a popular power tool used for cutting, grinding and polishing applications. The head of the angle grinder sits at an angle to the drive shaft, which is how these tools get their name. Although right angle grinders are small enough to handle easily, they offer enough power to tackle difficult cutting applications.

Chop Saw Cutting Wheels

A chop saw cuts by moving up and down, not side to side. With a cutting wheel from Weiler Abrasives, you can use your chop saw to create straight and precise square cuts.

Stationary Saw Cutting Wheels

Unlike portable saws, which you can take with you to any job site or location, stationary saws come fixed to a base, making them productive tools in fabrication shops and industrial facilities. Stationary saws provide more power than portable alternatives and make it easier to measure cuts. When used with a stationary saw, our abrasive cutting wheels can help you cut pieces for fabrication quickly and accurately while minimizing safety risks.

What's the Difference Between an Angle Grinder and a Die Grinder?

Two of the power tools most commonly used with our cutting wheels are die grinders and angle grinders. Both of these handheld tools allow operators to cut metal and other hard materials from anywhere. However, angle grinders and die grinders perform better in different applications.

Die grinders are relatively small devices best suited to precision work and tasks in tight spaces. Angle grinders, on the other hand, provide more horsepower than die grinders, making them ideal for deep cuts and tough materials. Though they rotate more slowly than die grinders, the larger surface area of an angle grinder cut-off wheel means these tools cut faster.

Die grinders and angle grinders both have their place in your workshop. If you're not sure whether your application will most benefit from a metal cut-off wheel for an angle grinder or a die grinder, the helpful team at Weiler Abrasives will give you the assistance you need to make the right call.

Choosing the Best Cutting Wheel for Your Application

At Weiler Abrasives, we have engineered all our cut-off wheels to improve your company's productivity and profitability. You just need to select the right abrasive products for your applications. A number of factors influence what cutting wheel will best meet your needs. When we recommend a solution, we consider:

  • The thickness and diameter of the material you plan to cut
  • The type of material you plan to cut
  • The type of grinder you intend to use with the cutting wheel
  • Whether the cut needs a rough or smooth finish
  • How long you need the cutting wheel to last
  • Any special industry requirements

Get Abrasive Products From a Manufacturer Committed to Your Success

At Weiler Abrasives, we have been manufacturing innovative, industry-leading abrasive products since 1898. Our experience spans multiple countries and generations, and our customers use our products in many industries and applications around the world, from facility maintenance to metal fabrication and manufacturing. Our products handle even the toughest cleaning, grinding, deburring and finishing challenges.

We work as an extension of your team, developing abrasive products that challenge the status quo and improve your industrial processes. No matter the application, our cutting wheels can help you boost productivity and give your company a competitive edge.

We understand that our success is linked to yours, so we do everything we can to help you reach your goals. In addition to high-performance abrasives, we also offer safety training and field support for our cutting wheels and other abrasive products to ensure safe and proper use.

Ready to find the best cut-off wheels for your industry? Browse our broad product selection online or find a dealer near you to get started. If you have any questions about our products or services, reach out to us today. We look forward to forging a collaborative relationship with your company.