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DC 50,8 X 1,6 X 6,4 RCA 30 TB2

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DC 50,8 X 3,2 X 6,4 RCA 30 TB2

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DC 76,2 X 3,2 X 6,4 RCA 30 TB2

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DC 114,3 X 3,2 X 22,2 ACR 30 T5B2

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DC 114,3 X 1,0 X 22,2 ACR46T5B2

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DC 114,3 X 1,0 X 22,2 RCSIB2

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DC 114,3 X 1,0 X 22,2 TIGER INOX

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DC 114,3 X 1,0 X 22,23 TIGER INOX ULTRACUT (58130)

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Cutting Wheels From Weiler Abrasives

A cutting wheel is a wheel made from an abrasive compound used to cut through materials like steel and aluminum. When used with a die grinder, angle grinder or chop saw, the wheel spins at a fast rate. As the cutting disc spins, the sharp abrasive removes stock from the metal work-piece being cut. The result is a cutting action that's both fast and precise.

At Weiler Abrasives, we engineer our cutting wheels specifically for safe, aggressive performance in cutting applications. Using innovative technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we manufacture a range of high-quality bonded cutting wheels to help your company work more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Whether you are cutting thin sheet metal, tube, bar stock, or large cross-sections, we have abrasive cutting wheels to conquer the toughest applications.

Find the Right Cutting Wheels for Your Application

We make abrasive cutting wheels for a variety of demanding applications, including metal fabrication, industrial production, and facility maintenance and repairs. Industries like food processing, automotive and pharmaceutical manufacturing use our cutting wheels because of their ability to streamline common cutting tasks while keeping workers safe and costs manageable.

To get the most utility out of your cutting wheels, you need to find options that meet your application requirements. Choosing the right cutting disc helps ensure your safety and maximize your efficiency. At Weiler Abrasives, we will work closely with you to identify the best cutting wheel for your business. Some of the factors our knowledgeable experts consider when making a recommendation include the material you want to cut, the thickness of work-piece, the space you have available, and the type of grinder you will use with the cutting disc.

A Range of Wheel Sizes

From small wheels for die grinders to large wheels for gas saws, chop saws, and stationary saws, we manufacture cutting wheels in a range of diameters and thicknesses, which makes it easy to find an effective option for your application. With the right size cutting wheel, you can complete jobs faster and avoid the frustration and safety hazards that come with using the wrong equipment.

Thinner cutting wheels tend to remove less material during a cut. Thicker wheels remove more material, but they also tend to last longer. When selecting a wheel, always choose the thinnest wheel that will perform the cut while maintaining desired product life.Our cut-off wheels range in thickness from 0.035 inches to 3/32 inch, and in diameter from 2 inches to 14 inches.

Type 1 and Type 27 Cutting Wheels

Selecting the best wheel type for your application increases wheel effectiveness and user productivity. There are the two types of bonded cutting wheels commonly available today. Type 1 cutting wheels, are flat to allow for deep, straight-on cuts. The second type is a depressed center wheel, commonly called type 27. The type 27 depressed center provides additional clearance when working at constrained angles.

Both types of cutting discs have their uses, and your personal preference may influence your decision. If you are not sure which type of wheel will improve your operations most, our team can discuss your project and help you evaluate the options.

Abrasive Cut-Off Wheels for Performance and Value

In our product line, you'll find cutting wheels designed to deliver high performance and value, providing options to select the abrasive that best fits your operation.

  • Tiger Ceramic delivers a superior combination of life and cut-rate for maximum productivity. This is achieved because the self-sharpening and cool cutting ceramic grains remove material effortlessly while a hard bond keeps working longer. For those that put a premium value on getting work done faster and optimizing wheel usage, Tiger Ceramic cutting wheels deliver.
  • Tiger Zirc cutting wheels are a high-performance option so you get proven productivity at an exceptional total cost. The self-sharpening zirconia alumina grains retain a high cut rate throughout the life of the wheel while a hard bond delivers long wheel life for heavy-duty applications.

  • Tiger INOX wheels are specifically designed for high performance on stainless steel. These wheels incorporate a Contaminant-free bond that delivers a worry-free solution for stainless steel applications.

  • Tiger Aluminum wheels are specifically designed for high performance cutting on aluminum. These wheels blend abrasive grains with Weiler’s non-loading formula, resulting in a fast and consistent cut rate on aluminum.

  • Tiger AO wheels deliver the right combination of performance and value. This versatile line up offers a long-life solution for all general-purpose metal applications. Delivering excellent total cost of use.

  • Wolverine cutting wheels deliver a fast cut-rate and consistent performance at a good value. Wolverine is an aggressive, get it done product line for everyday general-purpose metal use.

Both Tiger and Wolverine type 1 cut-off wheels and type 27 cutting wheels come in multiple sizes.

Benefits of Our Abrasive Cutting Wheels

At Weiler Abrasives, we engineer every cutting wheel to meet customer expectations and solve specific needs and challenges. We even collaborate with customers to develop creative solutions that allow them to surpass the competition. No matter what size or type of cut-off wheel you choose from our selection, you will benefit from:

  • High-quality materials: Our cutting wheels feature high-quality abrasives for metal cutting so you can tackle the toughest jobs with confidence. Choose a wheel with zirconia alumina, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide or aluminum oxide to suit your needs. For the most challenging tasks, opt for our max performance wheel featuring ceramic alumina, a material that makes the wheel self-sharpening and cool-cutting.
  • Reliable performance: When used correctly, our cutting wheels provide smooth, even and precise cutting. Our products give operators more control over your metal cutting applications.
  • Effortless cutting: To reduce friction, our cutting wheels feature a smooth outer layer. This layer reduces kickback during operation and delivers an effortless cutting experience.

Why Choose Cutting Discs From Weiler Abrasives?

When shopping for cutting wheels, you want to find abrasive products designed to help you accomplish more with less effort. At Weiler Abrasives, we have been creating innovative abrasive products since 1898. Today, we strive to help our customers grow their profitability and sharpen their competitive edge. Through teamwork, collaboration and innovation, we create high-performance cut-off wheels that drive efficiency and productivity into your daily operations.

We are passionate about helping our customers succeed — after all, when you succeed, we do too. That's why we work like an extension of your team.  In addition to abrasive products, we offer field support and safety training. When you know how to use our cut-off wheels safely and effectively, you can work with confidence and keep productivity at an all-time high.

Get started with Weiler Abrasives by browsing our broad selection of cut-off wheels online or finding a dealer near you. If you have any questions, reach out to us online — we are eager to support you however we can.