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Escova de Nylox 5-1/2 pol. , .040/120, 2 pol. A.H. (cod 20621)

Item # 20621-WB
EAN Code 7890187147659
Item UPC Code 7890187147659


Item # 83030-WB
EAN Code 7890187159843
Item UPC Code 7890187159843

Escova de Nylox 6 pol, filamento frisado 0,040/80pol, furo 2pol (83050-WB)

Item # 83050-WB
EAN Code 7890187161389
Item UPC Code 7890187161389

Escova de Nylox 6 pol. , .026/120, filamento cerâmico, F 5/8 pol. -1/2 pol. (cod 31134)

Item # 31134-WB
EAN Code 7890187147697
Item UPC Code 7890187147697

Escova de Nylox 6 pol. x 2 pol., .014/600, diamantado (cod 83003)

Item # 83003-WB
EAN Code 7890187147666
Item UPC Code 7890187147666

Escova de Nylox 6 pol., .022/120, carboneto de silício, F 2 pol. (83011)

Item # 83011-WB
EAN Code 7890187159133
Item UPC Code 7890187159133

Escova de Nylox 6 pol., .022/230, carboneto de silício, F 2 pol. (cod 83010)

Item # 83010-WB
EAN Code 7890187144917
Item UPC Code 7890187144917
24 items


Deburr, clean and sand workpieces with a nylon abrasive wheel from Weiler Abrasives. Our wheel brushes are manufactured from a composite metal hub and molded polymer material for filament retainment. The hub provides stability and shock resistance, and the polymer molding technique allows for greater filament density and decreased filament breakage. The durability of our nylon abrasive wheels means that cost of use remains low and performance stays consistent in production applications.

Nylon wheel brushes are used in applications that need targeted brushing action, including:

  • Generating specific edge profiles and radii and honing cutting tools.
  • Precision deburring parts after grinding or machining.
  • Light-duty cleaning and finishing for metals.
  • Light sanding on composites and a variety of materials.
  • Improving the surface texture on ground and machined surfaces.

Weiler Abrasives has many nylon abrasive wheels available in a variety of configurations, with multiple arbor hole sizes for mounting to many kinds of equipment. Options include:

  • Burr-RX® crimped filament wheels: Burr-RX features an advanced black ceramic grain filament, which delivers up to a 400% greater edge cutting action in comparison to traditional silicon carbide and aluminum oxide filaments for the fastest, most aggressive deburring action to minimize cycle times and maximize media life.
  • Round filament wheels: These wheels feature rounded filaments reduce contact with the work surface or part. The round filaments provide a more compliant brushing action for less aggression and enhanced conformability.
  • Rectangular filament wheel: Straight filaments offer a wider area of contact with the workpiece for increased aggression, resulting in efficient deburring and cleaning. 


Weiler Abrasives has the nylon abrasive wheels required for surface finishing on complex workpieces. Our products are designed for productivity and safety in any application. If you are unsure which abrasive solution your workpiece requires, our experts will help you identify the best tool.

Find a distributor on our website to purchase your nylon abrasive wheels today. For more information, contact our customer service team.