Do you need discs for cutting steel, stainless steel, or stone? Or perhaps you need a diamond disc for a portable machine or a stationary one? Or maybe you need to sand down a special material? Looking for grinding discs, flap discs, or special discs? Do you require these products to carry out a given job in the shortest possible time? Regardless of whether you want to cut, grind or sand, we have the right products, the expertise, and the knowledge required to solve your problems.

Performance, safety, stability, and consistency are the criteria that define the Toroflex brand. All developments of Toroflex are geared towards satisfying the professional requirements of users and customers. The quality and range of the brand Toroflex cover practically all application needs.

Toroflex products have an excellent price/quality ratio, proven and exceptional quality for professionals, with innovative strength and security, prepared for trade and industry requirements. We are launching a new rebranding of the Toroflex product brand. Toroflex brand covers different performance levels.




This high-performance line offers innovative cutting and grinding tools for the most demanding users. The tools are characterized by the highest quality, an aggressive cutting rate, and excellent service life.


Toroflex CLASSIC

The Classic line offers high-quality cut-off, grinding, and flap discs for professional use, especially in the construction sector, trade, or industry.


Toroflex FAVORIT

The Standard line offers cutting and grinding discs for normal use. It convinces by an excellent price-performance ratio and is ideal for trade or DIY.

xxl profi spezial


High-performance series for professionals with the highest quality requirements. High-quality diamonds enable an aggressive cutting rate even with reinforced material as well as outstanding service life.

xxl profi

Toroflex XXL PROFI

This premium line offers proven top quality for professional use, especially in the construction sector, trade or industry.

xl basic

Toroflex XL BASIC

The Basic line offers standard quality at an optimum price-performance ratio. Recommended for normal use and ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

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