The technical fabrics produced by Wiler Abrasives are the result of in-house technological development. We already rank among the largest manufacturers of technical fabrics for the grinding industry, but also continue to expand our product ranges for other industrial applications. Through professional knowledge and many years of experience, Weiler provides high quality products and effective servicing.

Nets for grinding industry

Various nets are made of glass fibres in several cut dimensions and in different weights per m2. They are impregnated with phenol formaldehyde resins, and this enables their binding with the grinding mixture during the manufacturing process for grinding tools.


  • in the manufacture of resin bonded grinding tools and cutting off wheels,
  • a set of nets as pads for the manufacture of flap discs.



  • Excellent tensile strengt
  • Dimensional stability
  • Equal tension in both directions
  • Long lasting flexibility



  • E glass type
  • Phenolic resin coating
  • Laminated with Fleece (17-40 g/m2), Paper or Crepe Paper (25-40 g/m2)
  • Polyethylene (PE) or Paraffin Paper Separator

Discs: Dimensions 20-1600 mm

Put in stacks on plastic cores in cardboard boxes. Number of discs according to the size of the box. Boxes placed on pallets and wrapped with stretch film.

Recomended storage conditions: Temperature 14-18 oC and 45-60 % relative Humidity. Acclimatization before using on working condition is necessary.


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