At Weiler Abrasives, we want a culture where people have fun, are valued for their contributions and are encouraged to grow and try new ways of doing things. Leading the Weiler Way is our guide to making Weiler Abrasives both a great place to work and a great partner to our customers.


Challenges and pushes the organization to consistently improve and grow. Creates anenviorment in wich people comunicate honestly and openly. Promotes working  and colaborating across the organization toachive common goals. 


Has a healthy dissatisfaction for the statzus quo and a strong desire for excellence, acts quickly and decisivly. Is open to and creates an enviorment that supports change and innovation.  


Personaly learns from from experience and applies that knowledge. Actively persues self-development & feedback. Provides feedback to others to encurage and inspire the development of work-related skills and knowledge and to support co-worker advancement.


Has a broad and deep understanding of the Weiler bussiness or work area. Focuses on costumers. Demonstrates a personal commitment to identify customers’ apparent and underlying needs. Creates a sense of urgency for the achievement and uses appropriate balance of analysis, tools and processes that leads to timely decision making and outstanding implementation.

Weiler Excellence