Superabrasive grinding tools signify innovation, quality and professional support. We develope specialized solutions that are adapted 
to the needs of even the most demanding customers from various industries. Our tools will simplify your work and improve your cost efficiency.

In Superabrasives segment we offer: 

Superabrasives – metal bonded

Construction and stone cutting 

- CUTTING: Metal bonded saw blades, segments and diamond wire with diamond grits
- CUTTING-OFF: Metal bonded cutting tools with diamond grits
- GRINDING: Metal bonded grinding tools with diamond grits
- PROFILE GRINDING: Vacuum brazed grinding tools with diamond grits
- MANUAL CUTTING-OFF: Metal bonded saw blades with diamond grits
- MANUAL GRINDING: Metal bonded grinding cups with diamond grits

Glass Industry

- Decorative glass grinding
- Grinding, cutting and drilling of flat glass
- Laboratory glass grinding and drilling

Superabrasives – vitrified bonded

Superabrasives – resin bonded for wood and metal industry

- Peripheral surface grinding and external cylindrical grinding
- Internal cylindrical grinding
- Surface grinding on the face
- Tool grinding and sharpening
- Tool grinding and sharpening in the wood industry
- Profile grinding
- CNC tool grinding
- Cutting
- Grinding of PCD and PCBN
- Manual grinding
- Metalography


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Custom Superabrasive Products

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