At Weiler Abrasives, we believe in being a strong corporate citizen which starts with our company values serving as the foundation of everything we do.

Those values are Integrity, Customer Focused, Accountability, Learning & Competence, and Passionate.

We believe that we are at our very best when we focus on others — specifically, our co-workers, our customers, and the local communities in which we operate. We value our ties to the 3C's (Customers, Community, Co-workers) and work hard to be a good corporate citizen and neighbor by contributing to the growth of the local economy, supporting social services, and protecting our environment.


We Contribute

For many years we have been philanthropic leaders in our local communities. Our 3C Committee spearheads the company’s community involvement which includes:

  • Weiler Abrasives supports local communities in sports and culture through sponsorships and donations. 
  • Weiler Abrasives has been working with the United Way for more than 15 years.


Weiler Abrasives has an incredible relationship with sheltered workshops and has received a lifetime award for the work and dedication to those efforts. These relationships are some of the most rewarding endeavors we have developed.

  • We are fully supporting SKOMAR house which is bringing cultural events closer to the local community and people.
  • We’ve partnered with The Burnley Workshop since 1969 to empower individuals with disabilities by helping them to achieve their full social, vocational and economic potential.
  • We support local entities such as CEPROVI, AVHEA, and ACIVE who are engaged in developing and improving professional knowledge and skills in our community members.


Weiler Abrasives is proud to support Workshops for Warriors®, an organization that provides veterans and transitioning services members with training and certification for careers in welding, machining, and fabrication at no cost to the veteran.

Weiler Abrasives also helps veterans by donating wire brushes, grinding wheels, hand brushes, and tools for a veterans training program run by the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry (UA). This training is free and is offered to 16 veterans in each course.