Organizer of the prize game Weiler Abrasives, d. o. o.
Titova cesta 60, 2000 Maribor


Duration, place and purpose of the prize draw The prize game is held in order to promote gold-awarded X-LOCK products.


Promotion channels The promotion will take place on the social network Facebook.


Prize fund The prize fund contains 1 gift. The winner will be randomly drawn live among all registered for the prize game. The value of a prize does not exceed € 42 and is not divisible. It must be used in full and is not transferable or exchangeable for cash. The prize font consists of: Set of 25 X-LOCK cutting wheel products in 125x1.6 dimensions


Terms of business In prize draw can participate all persons over 18 and are users of the Facebook. All natural persons over the age of 18 and are users of the social network Facebook can participate in the prize draw. If the winner is under the age of 18, he / she must be represented by a legal representative (parent or guardian). Employees of the organizer, their immediate family members (brothers, sisters, children, parents or spouses) or members of the jury may not participate in the prize draw. Liking and entering a comment in the comment section under a prize draw post on Facebook means participating in the prize game and agreeing to the conditions of the prize game. Purchase or post share is not a condition for participation in the prize game. Such conditioning is contrary to the rules of the general rules on prize games. Participation in the prize game is taken into account by liking and entering a comment – right answer for the question written in the prize draw. By participating, the participant agrees to all conditions and rules related to the prize game.


Terms of business The organizer (Weiler Abrasives, d. O. O.) Will invite users of the social networks Facebook to participate in the prize game on 15 December 2020 (which is the beginning of the prize game). Sweepstakes operation: The prize draw will be published on the official Facebook page of Weiler Abrasives EMEA. Sweepstakes conditions: Like the profile and enter a answer for the question written in the prize draw: enter at least one advantage of the new X-LOCK products. Selection of the winner: The winner of the prize will be randomly drawn. With this, the winner of the prize game will be known wednesday is 22 December 2020 and 7 days after the start of the prize game.

Selection of winners The selection of winners will take place on Facebook. The prize draw and supervision will be performed by a two-member expert commission consisting of representatives of the organizer's sponsor of the prize game (Weiler Abrasives doo). The commission will draw 1 winner from all participants in the prize draw. Winner will receive aprize (prize is defined in Article 4). If the winner is not yet an adult, the appropriate representation is required upon delivery of the prize, which is described in Article 5. In addition to the implementation, the experts also keep a record, which clearly define:

• Date, time and place of the draw

• Present persons

• Draw conclusions When the prize game is carried out and all parameters are entered in the minutes, both members sign the minutes. This completes the draw.


Announcement of winners The winner will be notified through a comment under his answer and through private message on Facebook.


Protection of personal data By entering a answer, liking a post and Weiler Abrasives EMEA Facebook profile (provided for in Article 6), the participant explicitly confirms that he / she is fully acquainted with the rules of the prize game and fully agrees with them. Therefore, the information provided in Article 6 is also necessary to inform the winner. We won’t collect any data of the participants, except address of residence and name of the winner, which is necessary for the delivery of the prize. Sponsor and performer of the prize game (Weiler Abrasives, d. O. O.) And all persons related to the sponsor or. Contractors undertake to protect personal data collected within the framework of this prize draw in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-2) (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 94/2007-UPB1) and amendments to the GDPR . We hereby undertake not to provide any information to any third party.

Acceptance of the prize With the announcement, the winner will be contacted through private message on Facebook, thus being invited for information on: • Name and surname • address of residence • (representative statement if the winner is under 18 years of age) After the prize draw, the organizer will inform the winner about the receipt of the prize. If the winner does not respond to the message