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Weiler Abrasives is the industry's source for durable bonded abrasive products that get the job done fast and done right. Our bonded abrasives product category includes a wide variety of high quality cutting, grinding and combination wheels, with grain, grit, and grade options capable of working through any metal type quickly and efficiently. Whether you need abrasive wheels for aggressive stock removal, beveling, notching, grinding, facing, cutting or edge chamfering, our products meet all your metalworking needs.


At Weiler Abrasives, we manufacture resinoid and vitrified bonded abrasives compatible with a wide variety of machines including bench grinders, die grinders, angle grinders, chop saws, high-speed saws, stationary saws and precision grinders. These high-performance cutting and grinding tools are made to last in the most demanding conditions and suited for extended use in the toughest industries, including metal fabrication, construction, shipbuilding and pipeline. Our bonded abrasive wheels are engineered using top-quality abrasive grains including ceramic alumina, zirconia alumina, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide and a long-lasting bond formulation.


Weiler Abrasives offers a large selection of Type 27 and Type 28 resinoid bonded portable grinding wheels ranging from small 2” diameter snagging wheels for die grinders up to large 9” diameter depressed center grinding wheels for right angle grinders.  Weiler’s Tiger® Performance grinding wheels offer fast grinding and long life for heavy stock removal, scale removal, weld removal, weld blending, edge beveling and torch cut softening. This offering includes wheels specially designed for grinding stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and hard to grind metals like inconel and titanium.  Wolverine® Value grinding discs offer fast cut rate and consistent performance at a good value.


Weiler Abrasives manufactures cutting wheels designed to cut through all metals and alloys. These wheels incorporate fiberglass reinforcement for safe cutting on sheet metal, tube, bar stock, and angle iron. They come in thicknesses ranging from ultra-thin 1 millimeter for precision cutting to 1/4 inch thick for snagging wheels for die grinders and range from small 2” diameter to large 20” diameter for stationary saw cutting. Our cut-off wheels are available in different grain types and two styles, including Type 27 depressed center for added clearance and Type 1 flat profile for deep cuts. Weiler’s Tiger Performance cutting wheels produce quick, clean cuts with reliable performance.


We also offer bonded abrasive products for the industrial sector to increase productivity and profitability. These abrasives provide a competitive edge and include:

  • Metal conditioning wheels: We have 24-inch, 25-inch and 36-inch hot press metal conditioning wheels for removing scale from stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium and specialty alloys.
  • Industrial roll grinding wheels: We have hot-mill and cold-mill wheels made from resinoid and vitrified bonded abrasives and can custom-design a solution to meet the specifications of a particular workpiece.
  • Precision vitrified wheels: We can produce industrial-grade precision grinding wheels made from premium vitrified bonded abrasives in custom profiles and sizes up to 50 inches in diameter


At Weiler Abrasives, we have bonded abrasive products you can use in virtually any cutting or grinding task, backed by the expertise to help you determine which is best for your application. Our experts can develop processes to help you get more from your cutting and grinding wheels and show you how to create a safer work environment. To learn more, set up a call with our team today or use our distributor locator to see where you can buy our bonded abrasives products.