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BASTAO 228,6 X 25,4 X 25,4 C20 R5V6

Item 3552
EAN Code 7890187035529
Item UPC Code 7890187035529

Disco Flap (Inox), 4-1/2 pol. (115mm), #40 cerâmico, Tipo 29, F 7/8 pol. (cod 50101)

Item 50101-WB
EAN Code 7890187144979
Item UPC Code 7890187144979

Disco Flap (Inox), 4-1/2 pol. (115mm), #60 cerâmico, Tipo 29, F 7/8 pol. (cod 50102)

Item 50102-WB
EAN Code 7890187147512
Item UPC Code 7890187147512

Disco Flap (Inox), 4-1/2 pol. (115mm), #80 cerâmico, Tipo 29, F 7/8 pol. (cod 50103)

Item 50103-WB
EAN Code 7890187147529
Item UPC Code 7890187147529

Disco Flap (Inox), 7 pol. (178mm), #40 cerâmico, Tipo 29, F 7/8 pol. (cod 50109)

Item 50109-WB
EAN Code 7890187144986
Item UPC Code 7890187144986

Disco Flap (Inox), 7 pol. (178mm), #60 cerâmico, Tipo 29, F 7/8 pol. (cod 50110)

Item 50110-WB
EAN Code 7890187147468
Item UPC Code 7890187147468

Disco Flap (Inox), 7pol. (178mm), #80 cerâmico, Tipo 29, F 7/8 pol. (cod 50111)

Item 50111-WB
EAN Code 7890187147475
Item UPC Code 7890187147475
394 items


Weiler's cleaning brushes are highly effective tools for the most demanding users. These brushes feature the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing, exacting quality standards and superior construction to deliver reliable performance.


At Weiler Abrasives, we carry hundreds of products designed to clean a wide range of surfaces without causing damage, including dozens of power tools. Our selection of cleaning items also includes welding brushes and other cleaning products designed for safe, effective and efficient use with a collection of different power tools, such as:

  • Grinders: We have a variety of steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon and other wire wheels made to be compatible with different grinding tools, including bench, pedestal, die, angle and straight grinders.
  • CNC equipment: Our cleaning products include wire wheels, nylon brushes, end brushes and tube brushes for precision surface preparation using CNC or manual milling equipment.
  • Cordless tools: Dozens of the welding brushes and other cleaning products we offer are suited for operation with virtually any standard cordless grinder, drill or combination drill/driver.
  • Corded drills: Turn a corded drill or drill press into an effective cleaning tool with our cleaning brushes. Weiler offers stem mounted options as well as brushes with arbors to combine with drive arbor hole stems. 


The cleaning applications for our products vary based on the item's makeup and bristle composition. It is vital to choose a cleaning brush made from the right materials and in the right design to get the best results. For example, a fine stainless steel cleaning brush is excellent for cleaning aluminum or stainless steel welds, while carbon steel brushes are better for steel and other metals where cross-contamination is not a concern. Our experts can help determine the right match for the workpiece surface.

We have products to clean threads, large surfaces and recessed areas, as well as numerous brushes to match cleaning applications such as:

  • Facilities maintenance: We carry all the different brushes and hand tools needed to sweep and clean dust and debris from equipment and keep walking areas safe.
  • Post-manufacturing: Our cleaning products remove ash, mill scale, slag and any additional impurities from surfaces after manufacturing processes.
  • Removing surface coatings: Our industrial brushes remove any previous powder-coatings, rubberized coatings and all paint types, including epoxy-based coatings.
  • Equipment maintenance: We have brushes with the right design to clear away any rust, discoloration or corrosion to restore workpiece surfaces before applying a fresh protective coating.
  • Weld preparation: Our products enable users to clean aluminum, steel, stainless steel or any other metal for welding, or remove oil, wax, paint and other residues from welding points.


High-performance products from Weiler Abrasives offer a competitive advantage through advanced manufacturing and state-of-the-art production. We specialize in delivering brooms, brushes and wheels that meet unique surface conditioning needs, and our team is always willing to help you find a welding brush to meet your specifications. We can also come to your facility to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to overcome your challenges.

Find our cleaning brushes and other products for all your cleaning applications at a dealer near you, or reach out to our Customer Experience Team online for assistance.