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Weiler Abrasives offers high-quality paint brushes and rollers available in multiple sizes and fills to handle even the most unique finish applications. For solutions for a broad range of surface-conditioning tasks, from cleaning and finishing to light blending, consider our non-woven abrasives.


Weiler Abrasives is a trusted source for brushes to apply finishes on virtually any surface. We have a tremendous selection of brushes to choose from, along with rollers, frames and trays for applications covering more square footage. Our performance line brushes are industrial-grade and engineered to maximize performance and minimize operating costs in the most demanding surface conditioning applications.Value line brushes are professional-grade and cost-effective. These brushes are ideal for use in the construction trades, low-volume production and facilities maintenance operations.

Our brushes are available in a wide variety of sizes and bristle types to fit all applications and include the following varieties:


Our finishing products include metal finishing brushes used to clean, buff and polish smaller parts with grooves and textured surfaces. We carry miniature end brushes, miniature wheels and miniature cup brushes with stiff and soft natural hair. We also have miniature end brushes available with Nylox™ nylon bristles. Our CrossFlex™ heavy-duty bore brushes come in a range of diameters, and we have them in multiple grits to match many bore finishing applications.


The various grades of non-woven products produce scratch patterns comparable to those produced by coated abrasive products. However, their pliable nature results in a softer, less pronounced scratch-line pattern. The strength of these products is producing decorative finishes ranging from satin to near-mirror polish.

Denser non-woven products are suitable for applications requiring light stock removal, such as removing large, well-attached burrs and blending minor tool marks and imperfections.

Non-woven products are versatile and can be used wet or dry on metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, wood, stone and many other surfaces. At Weiler Abrasives, we manufacture non-woven finishing products in different styles and grades to meet various specifications.

  • Unitized wheels: Unitized wheels are abrasive metal finishing discs designed for use with a die grinder. We have several grades available, with our Series 2 being the best-suited for finishing applications.
  1. Series 2 is best for cleaning and finishing.
  2. Series 6 offers medium hardness and is best for deburring.
  3. Series 8 is for heavy-duty deburring and polishing applications.
  • Interleaf flap wheels: Interleaf flap wheels contain a mix of non-woven material and coated abrasives. These metal finishing tools are unmatched for achieving a decorative or satin finish on surfaces with irregular contours and shapes.
  • Hand pads: Hand pads are used to clean and condition surfaces by hand. They are non-metallic, so they do not create "after-rust" on work surfaces, unlike steel wool. Hand pads work well for wet applications. We make hand pads to match any finishing application and have commercial and industrial-grade options available.
  • Surface conditioning discs: Surface conditioning discs are metal finishing discs that mount to die grinders. Discs that use a hook and loop system are available, and we also manufacture discs compatible with Type-R Hub/3M Roloc™ backup pads.


At Weiler Abrasives, we have over 100 years of experience developing innovative solutions for finishing applications and surface preparation. We manufacture industry-leading tools, and we collaborate with you to determine the most productive and cost-effective way to meet each of your requirements. 

Our products are available through numerous online dealers, but please contact us for expert assistance if you have any questions.