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Escova Nylox Tubular de 5/8 pol., .026/120, filamento ceramico, haste de 1/4 (21761)

Item # 21761-WB
EAN Code 7890187162232
Item UPC Code 7890187162232

Escova Tubular 1-1/2 pol, Arame 0.008 pol, Haste de 1/4, LATAO (21152-WB)

Item # 21152-WB
EAN Code 7890187159201
Item UPC Code 7890187159201

Escova Tubular 1-1/4 pol, Arame 0.0104 pol, Haste de 1/4 pol (21167-WB)

Item # 21167-WB
EAN Code 7890187159225
Item UPC Code 7890187159225

Escova tubular 1/4 pol. arame 0.004 pol. (0,10mm), face de 1pol, haste 1/8 (21072)

Item # 21072-WB
EAN Code 7890187159010
Item UPC Code 7890187159010

Escova Tubular 3/4 pol, Arame 0.014 pol, Haste de 1/4 pol (21111-WB)

Item # 21111-WB
EAN Code 7890187159218
Item UPC Code 7890187159218

Escova tubular 5/16 pol. arame 0.005 pol (0,13mm), face de 1pol, haste 1/8

Item # 21175-WB
EAN Code 7890187159003
Item UPC Code 7890187159003
21 items


Wire tube brushes are used on drills, drill presses and other low-speed power tools for internal cleaning and deburring in machined passages and bores, tubing, tapped holes and pipes. At Weiler Abrasives, we have several abrasive pipe cleaners in multiple fill materials and brush configurations to suit any application.


Weiler Abrasives has many wire tube brush designs, including:

  • Double stem double spiral: Made of four stem wires and straight wire fill in a double spiral, this brush is aggressive at deburring and cleaning.
  • Polyflex™ encapsulated double stem double spiral: The fill material is covered in an elastomer, so only the wire tips are exposed for rigid brushing action.
  • Round: This style has a single spiral of crimped wire on a stainless steel stem wire. Its brushing is flexible for threaded blind and smooth holes.
  • Burrite: In this design, the crimped wire is on a stainless steel stem and lays flat for deburring and cleaning internal threads.
  • Single stem single spiral: This straight wire is in a single spiral and can be manually inserted into the bore.


The filament size required depends upon the burr size — Class 4 and 5 burrs require a large wire, whereas Class 3 burrs need only a fine wire. Regardless of the steel wire bottle brush selected, all of our wire material is of a premium grade for maximum deburring action and minimal fatigue failure.

Our power tube brushes are available in steel or stainless steel compositions. Stainless steel is the recommended choice for workpieces made of non-ferrous materials like stainless steel or aluminum, as carbon steel brushes could cause after-rust and contaminate the surface with ferrous particles.

Weiler Abrasives manufactures many styles of power tube brushes, each relevant to different applications:

  • Flat burrite style for blind threaded holes
  • Double stem double spiral style for heavy-duty deburring and cleaning with power tools
  • Round tube style for threaded blind or smooth holes
  • Polyflex encapsulated double stem double spiral style for highly aggressive deburring and cleaning with power tools
  • Single stem single spiral style for by-hand or manual applications


Tube brushes are effective at internal cleaning and deburring applications, including:

  • Crosshole deburring.
  • Deburring and cleaning internal threads like those in tapped holes.
  • Removing foreign material buildup, like coatings and paint, from bore and passage surfaces.
  • Cleaning and finishing tubing and pipe.
  • Removing chips and burrs from internal grooves, keyways and slots.


Weiler Abrasives has more than 100 years of experience in the surface conditioning industry. Our wire tube brushes and other products are made with quality materials and design for an extended lifespan. If you cannot find a steel wire bottle brush to meet your needs, Weiler Abrasives can design a power tube brush for your exact workpiece. Complete our special brush design form with your specifications to get started.

To order our standard abrasive pipe cleaners, find a dealer near you using our online where-to-buy tool. For more information, contact our customer service team online.