Weiler Consumable Productivity Program (WCP) Improves Total Operating Costs  

“You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure” - Peter Drucker  

When was the last time you measured the total operating costs associated with your abrasive consumables? 

Inefficiencies in metal fabrication production can lead to unnecessary downtime, labor constraints, bottlenecks, and even overspending.  

From foundry cleaning rooms to fab shops, there is a strong desire to find cost savings and productivity improvements, but most lack the resources to optimize their cutting and grinding operations.     

WCP: A Program That Quantifies Improvements  

The Weiler Consumable Productivity (WCP) program helps facilities find cost and time savings in their fabrication operations when they don’t have the resources or process to quantify results. WCP is a proven process that effectively and efficiently measures real-world data. This program takes minimal effort to deploy in your facility because abrasives experts implement it. 

Through a simple yet effective approach, the WCP program identifies improvements by evaluating your operations and how abrasives are used in your facility.  

Our Approach: 

  • On-site Assessment: We come to your facility to walk the shop floor and learn about your production process firsthand. Once we understand your priorities and challenges, we select the most appropriate products and create a plan for testing. 

  • Establish a Baseline: To make recommendations based on facts, we establish a baseline by capturing data on the current process. 

  • Testing: During testing, we measure the time it takes, how many parts are completed, and how many consumables are used.  

  • Calculate Impact: Using the collected data, we estimate annual savings based on labor, time, and consumable consumption.  

  • Presenting Improvement: We then present the test results and provide documented cost and time savings based on our recommendations. 

Schedule an On-site Assessment 

The first step to finding cost and time savings is to schedule a free on-site assessment where Weiler experts will evaluate how our abrasives can eliminate inefficiencies, safety issues, and labor shortages in your operation. 


Weiler Consumable Productivity Flyer

WCP in Action

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Weiler helps shipbuilder solve application challenge to meet government back gouging requirements. 

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Tiger grinding wheels deliver longer life and a faster cut rate, resulting in $9,000 cost savings for a tank fabricator.  

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We don’t just swap out abrasives. We look at the process and find a better way to do it.  Matching the right product to the shop’s equipment and materials is key.  If we can eliminate steps in the production process, we can provide even greater value to our customers.

- John Sockman, Director of End User Sales, Weiler Abrasives.