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Precision gear grinding requires precision tools and Weiler Abrasives is the industry-leading provider of these solutions. We manufacture world-class abrasive products to exact specifications and provide complete support to bring maximum value to users employing our grinding wheels in industrial applications.


We have a state-of-the-art production facility and manufacture precision grinding wheels using premium raw materials and the latest abrasive and bonding technologies. Product specifications custom engineered and coupled with Weiler Process Solution (WPS) to meet the needs of the end-user and provided added value.

All precision grinding wheels are finished dimensionally on CNC machines holding very tight tolerances to reduce the amount of dressing required when mounting a new grinding wheel on the customers machine. This reduced amount of dressing increases productivity while providing a cost savings by increasing the life of dressing tools used.


Our engineers create customized centerless grinding wheels adapted for use with a wide range of CNC machines. We have products available in multiple styles made to match any application, including:

  • Single-profile grinding: Single-profile grinding wheels provide a large contact surface. These wheels are ideal for single-tooth gear grinding, and we can manufacture single profile gear grinding wheels with grit sizes and abrasive grain types for extensive stock removal during a grind from solid operation or precision finishing applications post-machining.
  • Continuous grinding: Continuous wheels allow faster cycle times by grinding gear profiles into workpieces while they rotate. This method works on small and large contact areas to grind multiple teeth at once. We also make hybrid wheels for dual grinding and finishing.
  • Bevel gear grinding: Our bevel grinding wheels are suited for use in static and continuous machining operations. We customize our bevel wheels to specific equipment and match all required CNC tolerances for extreme precision. Unprofiled wheels are also available with several mounting system choices for the right fit.
  • Hob sharpening wheels: Hob sharpening wheels are used to resharpen hobs that are used to machine gears instead of grinding from solid. Our products have many wheel configurations to fit manual hob and CNC machine offset requirements.
  • Hone wheels: Our hone wheels match metal and machine requirements. These precision grinding tools typically feature a finer grit. Hone wheels are valuable at later stages in the production process and are used to improve finishes or make changes to gear-tooth geometry.


We also provide custom engineering and manufacturing of additional precision products. These include:

  • Dressing tools to keep grinding wheels in peak condition
    • Single Point Tools, Cluster Tools, and Dressing Rolls
  • Deburring products to smooth edges and improve gear quality
    • Wire or Nylon Abrasive Filament wheels are used to debur after grinding
  • Industrial-grade Vitrified or Organic Bonded Precision Grinding Wheels
    • Diameters up to 1270mm (50”)
    • Custom Specifications for Maximum Performance


At Weiler Abrasives, our expert engineers provide you with their full support to develop precision grinding wheels in the size and composition you need. We have best-in-class lead times and use over 75 years of industry expertise to identify ways you can improve cycle times, reduce costs and minimize the need for rework. Schedule a personal consultation with our team and get started today.