From the company that brought flap discs to the US, Weiler Abrasives coated abrasive products continue to set the standard. We have an extensive selection of coated abrasive discs and other products designed to deliver maximum performance for your specific application and the best possible cost.


We manufacture coated abrasive products with grain combinations suited for working on all metals and alloys that will help you get the job done faster. We offer coated abrasive discs compatible with both die grinders and angle grinders and – standard and quick change mounting options to fit a wide range of tool sizes and styles.


Flap discs are a standard in welding, metal fabrication and other industrial production applications that involve grinding, blending, and finishing metal. These coated abrasive discs are capable of both grinding and finishing in one step, eliminating the need to switch from a grinding wheel to a resin fiber disc, saving you time and money. Flap discs remove less metal per pass than bonded grinding wheels, reducing the possibility of gouging the workpiece. We have multiple grits to choose from and a wide range of other options to match specific needs.


Resin fiber discs are versatile and often used with right angle grinders. At Weiler Abrasives, we offer resin fiber discs using advanced grain formulas that maximize cut-rates on metal. We also utilize superior construction that minimizes loading, glazing, and grain striping and a heavy-duty vulcanized backing that holds up to the toughest jobs. We have discs in grits and grain for everything from aggressive stock removal to deburring, blending and finishing applications.


Our cloth-backed blending discs are highly efficient and can tackle several steps in industrial metalworking processes. These products have many potential uses in light metal fabrication and in various maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) applications. We have options perfect for taking down weld lines, removing weld splatter and heat discoloration, and blending prepared surfaces.


Weiler Abrasives Trim-Kut coated abrasive discs are made for light grinding and blending. These advanced discs have premium abrasive grains fused with a superior bond to a wearable polymer backing that eliminates the need to use a backup pad. Trim-Kut discs consistently expose new grains to the surface during use and are excellent options for surface preparation, deburring, grinding light welds and blending edges.


Flap wheels feature coated abrasives on a series of flexible flaps all attached to a central hub. These coated abrasives are productive, high-RPM tools that provide stable and balanced operation for consistent results and a smooth, chatter-free finish. We make flap wheels suited for deburring, cleaning, blending, polishing, surface preparation and other essential tasks.


Our shop rolls are highly flexible and have a resin-over-resin bond designed to get more use from each grain. These rolls are resistant to heat and moisture and have a lasting cloth backing that keeps them effective under pressure. Shop rolls are multipurpose coated abrasive products used for off-hand polishing and deburring, working on lathe-turned stock and countless other shop uses.


Weiler Abrasives is one of the leading coated abrasives manufacturers in the world. We strive to ensure our products are always in stock and available to keep you supplied with all the coated abrasives you need. Our team can help you select the best products for your application and improve your work processes, reducing material consumption, improving safety and achieving greater results. Contact us for more information or visit one of our partner retailers to buy online.