An abrasive nylon brush has an abrasive grain exposed on the entire brush filament surface, so abrasive action can occur on both the tips and sides of the nylon filament. These abrasive brushes are ideal for light deburring and finishing irregular profiles and surfaces.

The Nylox brush selection at Weiler Abrasives is the result of new technologies and end-user input. Our abrasive nylon disc brushes are flexible for deburring and edge radiusing and can enhance productivity and lower production costs when used correctly. The nylon filaments are impregnated with abrasive grain, and as the nylon wears away, new grains are continuously exposed for reliable brushing action.


Nylox end brushes have a round trim and an integral stem for mounting into a collet or tool holder. They are used for:

  • Deburring small recessed areas and internal part features
  • Finishing slots and recessed surfaces on machined parts

At Weiler Abrasives, we manufacture several end brush designs to meet various workpiece specifications, including Burr-RX® end brushes. Choose from 3/8-inch to 1-inch diameters and several filament and grit options. We also carry miniature end brushes mounted on 1/8-inch stems to target brushing to a small or hard-to-reach area of the workpiece.


The disc brushes at Weiler Abrasives are manufactured with a tufted filament design and a long trim length, making the brushing action more aggressive while providing long product life and greater conformability when compared to monofilament disc brushes.

Our Burr-RX disc brushes offer an efficiency advantage over traditional silicon carbide and aluminum oxide filament designs. The black ceramic grain filament provides up to 400% more edge cutting for the fastest, most aggressive deburring action that result in minimum cycle times and maximum life. Our manufacturing process for these brushes ensures that each product is consistent for greater reliability in automated applications. The high dimensional precision of these tools means that the brushes are suitable for the most critical applications and perform more consistently from first part to last. In addition, the machined polymer backings are designed to mount directly onto a standard shell mill holder for convenient use in CNC machining centers.

Applications for an abrasive nylon disc brush include:

  • Blending tool marks post-machining and grinding.
  • Improving the texture on ground and machined surfaces.
  • Deburring flat surfaces on machined components.
  • Deburring face-milled castings and forgings.


We also manufacture min disc brushes that range in size from 1-3/4  to 3-inches in diameter. Featuring a precision machined aluminum cup, Weiler’s mini disc brushes are designed to be the most cost-effective media for applications requiring a smaller brushing tool, including:

  • Deburring flat surfaces on machined components.
  • Improving texture characteristics on machined or ground surfaces.
  • Deburring face-milled castings or forgings.
  • Blending tool marks after machining or grinding.


Weiler Abrasives' wheel brushes are composed of a metal hub surrounded by abrasive nylon. A molded polymer material retains the filaments, which increases the fill density and prevents filament breakage in comparison to traditional techniques. These filaments are also shock-resistant and stable due to the brush's metal hub construction.

Wheel brushes are suited for the following applications:

  • Honing cutting tools
  • Generating specific radii and edge profiles
  • Precision deburring parts after grinding or machining processes
  • Light-duty metal cleaning and finishing
  • Light sanding on composites and other materials
  • Improving texture characteristics on machined or ground surfaces


Weiler Abrasives has quality-made Nylox brushes and other expert solutions. When you partner with us, our experts can help you identify the best product option based on your application.

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