Power brushes are used for removing contaminants, polishing and edge blending metal surfaces. Weiler Abrasives has numerous abrasive brush models available for many metal types and conditions. As an industry leader in surface conditioning solutions, we have the power brushes required for removing rust and weld and preparing metal surfaces.


The weld cleaning brushes at Weiler Abrasives are effective for high-demand users in various applications. We manufacture our weld cleaning brushes to strict quality standards, so each component is made to last. Our design twists the wires to place the sharp tips at the end of the knot for an aggressive clean.

Our Roughneck 76 Knot weld cleaning brush is made with heat-treated, thick wires with trimmed knot ends to clean surfaces more than 50% faster. Compared to competitors, our brushes have a greater performance life and cleaning power, and they feature exceptional side load resistance for minimal wire breakage. Their operation is smooth and requires less pressure to attain the maximum cleanliness.


Weiler Abrasives manufactures stem-mounted wire end brushes for attaching to portable power tools. Our end brushes are ideal for recessed corners and constrictive areas. With their variety of knot and crimped wire configurations, end brushes can be used in many applications. No matter the composition of the workpiece, the end brush will provide smooth and efficient performance and a long service life.

The knot wire end brushes are flexible yet provide aggressive brushing action for tasks that require intense cleaning. The diameter of these brushes ranges from 1/2 inch to 1 1/8 inch, and they can withstand a maximum RPM of 20,000 or higher. For greater efficacy, we manufacture a banded end brush that reduces the exposed trim and limits brush flaring. Our value line, Wolverine®, features similar construction for professional-grade results.


Our wire wheels have a threaded nut and individual knot holes for use in a small or large right angle grinder. We also have knot wire wheels with an arbor hole for straight grinders or stationary machines like buffing lathes, pedestal or bench grinders. Both of our designs are available in heat-treated steel, stainless steel and bronze brush material. Wire wheels should be used for targeted cleaning and weld beads, surface preparation and heavy deburring.

The standard twist wheels provide heavy-duty brushing action while remaining flexible. They can be used to clean irregular surfaces or in automated equipment. These wheels range from 3 to 15 inches in diameter. Products in our value-driven Wolverine line are ideal for general-purpose surface cleaning.


Weiler Abrasives is an abrasive brushes manufacturer with more than 100 years of industry experience. We collaborate with end users to ensure that our product design meets the needs of operators in the field. Our team can help you select the abrasive brush you need for your material or surface need to achieve high levels of precision and productivity.

To order your power brush today, find a distributor near you on our website. If you would like more information, contact our customer service team.