Manage Your Consumable Spend By Understanding It

There's an old cliché that "You get what you pay for!" When purchasing products, quality is almost always connected to price, yet when it comes to consumables, "cost-savings" is often confused with "price-savings," and the welding and fabrication industries are no exception.

It doesn't matter if you are cutting sheet metal or grinding and cleaning welds. It is easy to purchase products on price, and in doing so, potentially compromise safety, performance, and productivity. To find real cost savings, facilities must test and evaluate products to select abrasives that will allow them to reduce cycle times, save dollars and guarantee better results.

This is where the Weiler Consumable Productivity Program (WCP) and our experienced field team can help.

The WCP program utilizes a process to collect hard data around how abrasives are used, how long they last, and how productive they are. This process effectively compares several products and aids in selecting the best product for an application.

Below are real-world examples where Weiler's product was able to help customers improve productivity and find cost savings.

Pressure Vessel

Tiger Ceramic provides a pressure vessel manufacture longer product life. The change results in $62,000 cost savings.

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Structural Steel

Tiger Ceramic grinding wheels help a structural steel fabrication company increase productivity and save $19,000 a year.

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Pipeline construction contractor switches grinding wheels in their multipass welding process, reducing abrasive usage and spend.

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Weiler's Consumable Productivity Process