Productivity Programs

Whether you are looking to improve your surface conditioning processes, optimize your abrasives consumable spend, or train your team on the safe and proper use of abrasives and brushes Weiler Abrasives has a program to help you achieve your goals.


Consumable Productivity

Industrial consumables can be measured in life cycle, safety, and production. Weiler Abrasives Consumable Productivity studies drive quantitative data which can be measured and verified. Weiler Abrasives industry experts document your consumable spend and help you reduce it.


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Weiler Process Solutions - WPS

WPS is a structured application engineering program designed to provide Weiler customers with engineering support to identify value-added cost savings opportunities in their respective processes. You explain your current situation and process and let our experts take care of the rest.


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SPOT Safety Program

Weiler Abrasives comprehensive Safety Training Program based on the SPOT (Speed & Size, Pressure, Orientation, Time) methodology helps improve safety, regardless of your application or work environment.



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