Metal Grinding and Cut Off Wheels Help Cut Through the Barriers Between You and Your Best Work

Introducing Tiger 2.0 - An evolution in abrasives technology

Our new metal grinding and cut off wheels are designed to be more than just a better product. They were created to help you do your best work.  

Cut Through Inefficiency

Tiger 2.0’s unique formulation offers industry-leading cut rates while lasting up to 40% longer. And its first to market, Optimum Use Line ensures you get more done with less. 

Cut Through Safety Issues

Tiger 2.0 delivers predictable, smooth cutting and grinding, making the work safer. And it now has a QR code directly on the wheel, so operators can access crucial safety information right where – and when – they need it. 

Cut Through labor shortages

Tiger 2.0 makes cutting and grinding easier, which means operators aren’t as worn out at the end of each shift. The unique formulation produces more consistent work from user to user, reducing training time and even re-work. 

  • Faster and more efficient metal grinding and cutting
  • Lasts up to 40% longer than other grinding and cut off wheels
  • Patent-pending optimal use line for more productivity
  • Improved edge wear increases safety, operator experience, and wheel life
  • Predictable, smooth cutting and grinding for a safer workplace
  • QR code for crucial safety information at your fingertips
  • Consistent work from user to user, reducing training time and re-work
  • Easier on operators, reducing fatigue and labor shortages

Schedule an On-site Assessment

The first step to cutting through barriers is to schedule a free on-site assessment where Weiler experts will evaluate how our abrasives can help eliminate inefficiencies, safety issues, and labor shortages in your operation. 

Our Approach To Improvement: 

1. On-Site Assessment  

2. Test Abrasives 

3. Measure Results 

4. Present Documented Cost & Time Savings  

metal grinding safety

Improves Safety

QR code provides quick access to important safety information. 

cut off wheels optimum use


Using the wheel to its full life reduces change-overs, which helps users be more productive while reducing waste and abrasive spend. 

best metal cut off wheel safety


Advanced 2.0 bond formulation reduces uneven edge wear and chipping, improving user experience and extending wheel life. 

cut off wheels


Up to 40% longer wheel life reduces change-overs and delivers more cuts. 

Value Added Programs

grinder cut off wheel productivity

The Weiler Consumable Productivity (WCP) program uses data to measure the total operating cost of abrasives. WCP helps customers find cost and time savings in operations where abrasives are used.

Learn More About WCP

grinder cut off wheel safety

The SPOT Safety Program is designed to educate abrasive users on how to safely and effectively use abrasives and power brushes. The program covers information on proper usage, potential hazards, and safety tips. 

Learn More About SPOT Safety



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