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7" x 1/8" TIGER ZIRC Type 27 Grinding Wheel Z30T 7/8 A.H.

Item 68378
Material Application Armored Steel Cast Iron High-Nickel Alloys Inconel Stainless Steel Steel Titanium Tool Steel
Compatible Tool Air Grinder High Frequency Grinder Right Angle Grinder

4-1/2" Tiger X Flap Disc, Conical (TY29), Phenolic Backing, 60Z, 5/8"-11 UNC Nut

Item 51206
Material Application Stainless Steel Steel
Compatible Tool Right Angle Grinder

6" Tiger Paw Abrasive Flap Disc, Angled (TY29), Phenolic Backing, 60Z, 7/8" Arbor Hole

Item 51176
Material Application Stainless Steel Steel
Compatible Tool Right Angle Grinder

4-1/2" Tiger Disc Abrasive Flap Disc, Conical (TY29), Aluminum Backing, 60Z, 5/8"-11 UNC Nut

Item 50519
Material Application Stainless Steel Steel
Compatible Tool Right Angle Grinder

4" x 1/4" TIGER CERAMIC Type 27 Grinding Wheel CER24R 5/8 A.H.

Item 58335
Material Application Stainless Steel Steel
Compatible Tool Right Angle Grinder

2" BobCat Mini Abrasive Flap Disc, Conical (TY29), Type R Mount, 120Z

Item 50950
Material Application Stainless Steel Steel
Compatible Tool Die Grinder

4-1/2" x 1/4" TIGER AO Type 27 Grinding Wheel, A24R, 5/8"-11 Nut

Item 57120
Material Application Stainless Steel Steel
Compatible Tool Right Angle Grinder

3" BobCat Mini Abrasive Flap Disc, Conical (TY29), Type S Mount, 80Z

Item 50905
Material Application Stainless Steel Steel
Compatible Tool Die Grinder
990 items


Metal Fabrication professionals trust Weiler's line of productivity-enhancing abrasives to help deliver results they need on the toughest grinding applications. When it comes to grinding metal, you can count on Weiler products to get the job done fast and done right the first time.


Abrasives are popular tools used in grinding applications every day, from general fabrication operations to pipelines and ship repair. The first step in choosing the right abrasive for the job is determining what tool you have available to you. Weiler Abrasives makes products for the following tools:


  • Die grinders: Die grinders are precise and compact handheld rotary tools made for working in small areas. These grinders are either battery-powered, electric or pneumatic. These tools can be configured with straight or angled heads and different die grinder wheels.
  • Angle grinders: Angle grinders are larger tools that require two hands to operate. Also known as side, disc or right angle grinders, these tools feature a heavy-duty grinding wheel seated at 90 degrees. There is a wide selection of different angle grinder discs available to perform various tasks.
  • Bench grinders: Bench grinders are stationary and mounted to a workbench or another stable surface. A bench grinder has two wheels that spin at the same RPM, and they can be set up with abrasive grinding wheels to perform everything from shaping raw materials to fine detail work.



At Weiler Abrasives, we manufacture hundreds of different bonded and coated abrasive grinding wheels and discs. Our abrasives are designed with purpose and made to work with specific tools. When selecting the best grinding wheel for the application and material, there are several features to consider, including:


The grit of grinding wheels and angle grinder discs refers to the size of the abrasive grain. Abrasive grains with low numbers (24 or 36 grit) are very aggressive and remove material very fast. The higher the grit number, the smaller the grain and the finer the finished surface.


For bonded abrasives, grade is a lettering system to indicate the hardness of the wheel. Letters closer to the end of the alphabet have a harder bond. A hard bond will typically result in longer product life and slower exposure to new grains.


The grain is the abrasive material used in the product. Selecting the right one is critical to achieving the optimal desired outcome. We offer several grains to choose from, with options that will vary by product, including:

  • Ceramic alumina (CG): Ceramic alumina is a premium grain and delivers maximum performance on hard-to-grind metals. This durable grain features self-sharpening crystals with predetermined fracture points that provide dependable, consistent and aggressive grinding while applying moderate pressure.
  • Zirconia alumina (ZA): Offered in our Tiger Zirc brand of abrasives, zirconia alumina is also self-sharpening and will hold up under extreme pressure.
  • Aluminum oxide: Aluminum oxide has sharp crystals with an excellent initial cutting rate that dulls over time. It is an industry staple and a popular choice for a broad spectrum of metal fabrication applications.
  • Silicon carbide: Silicon carbide is an extremely hard grain that is very sharp and fast cutting but is friable and not as tough as other grains.


When selecting an abrasive, be sure it will work with the particular model of tool. Die grinders have different-sized collets and may use a Type S mandrel or various Type S or Type R hub pads and mandrel combinations. Right angle grinding wheels mount with an arbor and secure using adapter nuts or discs with nutted metal hubs for an easy spin-on/spin-off changeover. Grinder size determines the arbor needed.

Many flap discs also have options for backings, including:

  • Phenolic: Angle grinder discs with a phenolic designation have a backing made from a synthetic resin. This backing is a great choice for projects that need to prevent scratches on the workpiece.
  • Aluminum: Right angle grinding discs that have aluminum backings are sturdy and resistant to bending. These flap discs are ideal for grinding applications where a stiff backing is required or preferred.
  • Composite: Die grinder wheels and angle grinder discs with composite backings are non-marking. Some flap disc options are trimmable. Trimmable flap discs will allow for a reduced tool diameter to access hard-to-reach areas.


Bonding and coating are processes of applying loose abrasive materials to abrasive wheels and discs. These methods produce discs suited for different applications, and each offers distinct advantages:

  • Bonded abrasives: Bonded abrasives are loose abrasive grains mixed with durable composite materials and hardened into discs of varying dimensions. These heavy-duty grinding wheels are made for use with angle grinders and die grinders.
  • Coated abrasives: Coated abrasives involve applying loose grains to a surface prepared with a strong adhesive coat. Examples of coated abrasives include grinder belts, angle grinder flap discs and die grinder flap wheels.


At Weiler Abrasives, we manufacture metal grinding wheels designed to tackle the toughest metalworking jobs. These heavy-duty grinding wheels come in multiple mounting diameters to match the arbor on various grinders. Our Type 27 and Type 28 depressed center grinding wheels each offer up to 45 degrees of working angle and include triple-fiberglass reinforcement for lasting performance during aggressive stock removal.

We are a premier source for angle grinder wheels suited for any grinding application and have many different product lines to choose from, including:

  • Max Performance: Our Tiger® Max Performance angle grinder discs provide superior life and high cut rate. The arbor grinding wheels in our Max Performance line include Tiger Pipeline wheels and Tiger Ceramic wheels. Our Pipeline wheels are ceramic-infused wheels made for use on the most demanding pipeline applications. Tiger Ceramic wheels offer a superior combination of life and cut rate and perform well on stainless steel and hard-to-grind metals like Inconel®, titanium, tool steel, armored steel and high-nickel alloy.
  • High Performance: Tiger Zirc, Tiger Inox and Tiger Aluminum angle grinder discs make up the High Performance line. These grinding discs for metal deliver a fast cut and long lifespan and offer contaminant-free options for aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Performance: Tiger Performance depressed center grinding wheels feature aluminum oxide grains held together by a strong resin bond. These angle grinder wheels are a popular choice for their long useful life and are great for working on carbon steel, structural steel, cast iron and other metals.
  • Value: Weiler Abrasives Wolverine® Value right angle grinding wheels are cost-effective and reliable for fast work and consistent performance. Wolverine arbor grinding wheels are top choices for grinding carbon steel, cast iron and other metals of similar or softer hardness.


We also manufacture an extensive selection of angle and die grinder discs using coated abrasives. These items vary greatly, and we have multiple product lines to meet every need:


Our Tiger abrasive flap discs are highly versatile, and we have many different options available. These abrasive discs come in styles that provide different effective ranges for stock removal. Our full line of performance flap discs are contaminant free so they are safe to use on stainless steel. We have flap discs for angle grinders, and our product lines include:

  • Tiger Ceramic Max Performance: Tiger Ceramic flap discs feature ceramic alumina and are top-coated to provide cool grinding and prevent loading on soft alloys. These flap discs are ideal for stainless steel and hard-to-grind metals like tool steel, Inconel®, aluminum, high-nickel alloy, titanium and other metals.
  • Tiger X High-Performance: Tiger X High-Performance flap discs are a fast-grinding, long-life option that is ideal for flat surface grinding. Tiger X features a dual-flap design that leverages a ceramic and zirconia alumina grain mix for increased productivity when working with steel, stainless steel and other metals.
  • Tiger Paw Performance: Tiger Paw Performance flap discs are best for superior edge grinding and offer aggressive stock removal. Tiger Paw is made using 100% zirconia alumina and delivers the best results on stainless and cast iron.
  • Wolverine: Wolverine metal grinding discs are value-driven discs that facilitate rapid stock removal and deliver consistent performance when working on general-purpose alloys.


We also manufacture high-density flap discs that deliver up to 40% longer life than our standard angle grinder discs. High-density flap discs are more conformable to irregular surfaces and as a result, offer smooth grind, blending and finishing on flat surfaces. These include our Tiger Sabre Tooth®, Tiger Big Cat®, Tiger Paw™ and Wolverine HD discs. On top of the flap discs we offer in our standard and high-density lines, we also manufacture several specialty discs for taking on unique jobs, including:

  • Angled discs: Angled flap discs have a 90-degree curved flap design made for working on fillet welds.
  • Trimmable discs: Trimmable discs allow for control of the flap overhang by trimming the composite backing for ease of use in tight spaces.
  • Mini discs: Tiger Bobcat™ mini discs are made for die grinders and work with S- and R-mount hubs.
  • Tiger Aluminum Flap Discs: These discs are designed specifically to prevent loading when grinding aluminum.
  • Tiger Aluminum Back discs: These discs feature an aluminum backing that provides rigid support for added aggression. The aluminum backing is also recyclable.


We have a broad selection of Resin Fiber Discs featuring premium grain mixes designed to deliver superior results in less time. We have Tiger Performance and Wolverine Value RFDs available, as well as all the accessories needed to provide proper mounting and backing of the disc. Our Tiger Performance line is available in Tiger Ceramic for maximum cut rate and product life, Tiger Zirc for fast cut and long life, and Tiger Aluminum for a non-loading solution on soft metals. The Wolverine value line is available in both Zirc and AO options.


Our blending discs are cloth-backed coated-abrasives discs designed for use on die grinders and air tools. These discs have a wide range of applications in production, maintenance and repairs, fabrication and more. We have blending discs compatible with Norton Speed-Lok® TS and 3M™ Roloc™ backup pads with grains capable of efficiently grinding aluminum, stainless steel and other metals.


Weiler Abrasives Trim-Kut discs have abrasive grains fused to the polymer backing, removing the need to use a backup pad. The polymer "trims" itself during use to continually expose fresh grains to work surfaces. These abrasive grinding discs mount to a right angle grinding wheel, and we also have options for use with a die grinder. Typical applications for Trim-Kut discs include:

  • Deburring.
  • Edge blending.
  • Surface preparation.
  • Weld/stock removal.


Apart from an unmounted flap wheel made for arbor grinding wheels with a 1-inch diameter, our flap wheels are designed exclusively for use with die grinders and have a 1/4-inch stem. We offer flap wheels in both our Tiger and Wolverine product lines, with multiple options made to deliver the performance you need to get the job done right.


If you would like assistance figuring out which metal abrasive product is best suited for your project, ask the experts. Reach out today for professional guidance and talk to someone about setting up a consultation to learn how our products can improve your bottom line.