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Weiler is proud to support Workshops for Warriors who provides veterans and transitioning services members with training and certification for careers in welding, machining, and fabrication at no cost to the veteran. Through the support of Weiler and others, Workshops for Warriors will be able to deepen its impact by building a new facility that will accommodate an additional 450 students every year. The new facility will be a haven for advanced manufacturing learning, and a place where veterans like Verenice can successfully transition into civilian life. Read the full press release.


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Workshops for Warriors does not receive any federal, state, or local government funding and relies on private donations to train their students and transition them into advanced manufacturing careers. 

Workshops for warriors keeps costs and overhead low so that 87% of their donations go straight to training programs. 


Success Stories

They teach you new ways of how to do something you don’t understand. If I am having problems with my welding, they will take the time to make sure I get what I am doing. More

I never thought I would be working with machines or anything like that. Before I found this program I always thought I would be doing something with electrical because that’s what I did in the Navy.  More

Whether you’re on your way out, or you’ve honorably served your country, all of the men and women at Workshops are more than happy to help change your life for the better. More